SimBioSys ABG

Producer: Critical Concepts, Inc.

SimBioSys ABG is a structured, interactive course on the interpretation of arterial blood gases and acid-base disorders, designed for beginners and experts alike. At its heart is SimBioSys, a simulation engine which uses mathematical models of the heart, vessels, lungs, kidney, and their neural control. The program includes 48 cases, known and unknown, covering all of the blood gas derangements likely to be seen in clinical practice. Interactive physiology exercises and experi¬ments increase the users’ understanding of the topics presented. At the same time, their knowledge is tested throughout the program with section quizzes and case interpretation quizzes. Moreover, the users can create their own cases along with a quiz and patient history for each. Pulmonary physiology topics include: hypoxia, oxygen-haemoglobin dissociation, anatomic and alveolar dead space, shunt, ventilation-perfusion mismatch, A-a gradient, venous admixture, physiological dead space measurements, and carbon dioxide transport in the blood. Acid-base concepts include: carbon-dioxide reactions, hydrogen and hydroxide ions, pH, strong ion difference, base excess, blood bicarbonate, blood protein dissociation, metabolic compensation, respiratory compensation, anion gap, and diseases that can affect acid-base balance. SimBioSys ABG dynamically illustrates important concepts and principles that are difficult to learn through static pictures.


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows only - Win3.1/95; 486/66 MHz processor (Pentium recommended), 16 MB RAM, 12 MB HDD space
Price: US$74.00 (single user licence); site licence price on request