SimBioSys Physiology Labs v3

Producer: Critical Concepts, Inc.

This program is built around an interactive on-screen textbook, with animations, quizzes, and illustrations. At its heart is SimBioSys, a simulation engine which uses mathematical models of the heart, vessels, lungs, kidney, and their neural control. It reproduces over 1,000 physiological parameters, creating a real-time simulation environment that allows virtual experimentation.  General, respiratory, cardiovascular, and renal physiology are covered in 19 chapters. Throughout the program, 68 guided laboratory exercises allow the user to experiment with a simulated living, breathing patient; thus, blood loss can be modeled, a host of drugs or fluids given, clinical tools (such as a pacemaker or a mechanical ventilator) used, and clinically unavailable parameters such as cardiac contractility, lung inflation, glomerular filtration, controlled and altered. Such interventions help the user understand how the body works, by observing the effects of various changes on different systems. SimBioSys Physiology Labs Plus is designed for the teacher who wants to incorporate simulations into his or her own teaching, and for the physiologist who wants to study responses to interventions in a modeled system. The ‘plus’ in Labs Plus refers to customisability: it gives teachers the ability to create and modify their own local curriculum, with exercises, and it offers students log-in and on-screen tracking.



Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows only - Win95/98; Pentium processor, 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended), minimum 10 MB HDD space
Price: US$99.00 (single user licence for individual version); US$595.00 (single user licence for Plus version); site licence price on request