Simulator for Rectal Examination of Horses

Producer: Künzel, Prof. Wolfgang

This is a mannekin of a horse, built at scale 1:1 for teaching and training rectal examination with veterinary students before living animals become involved. The mannekin is in use at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna (Austria), at the Clinic of Equine Medicine of the University of Bern (Switzerland) and at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School (UK).
The mannekin is part artificial, to provide a realistic feel, and part slaughterhouse material. The artificial organs include the kidneys, the spleen, the suspensory renosplenic ligament, the aorta, the urinary bladder, the ovaries, the uterus, the deferent ducts, their mesenteries, and the vaginal rings. The intestines, taken from slaughterhouses, are fixed in a solution of Formalin and Tegodor, and then impregnated with polyethyleneglycol. Fittings are mounted at both ends of the intestine, so that it can be inflated to the required feel. The anus is built with a metal frame, which stretches a perforated rubber fold; this replaces the sphincter muscle and is attached to the artificial rectum.


Medium: Mannekin
Price: From €27,000 - €30,000, depending on individual orders