Small Surgical Dissection Pad

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

A multi-layered pad with 4 fluid filled vessels for teaching the basic surgical techniques as listed for the Large Surgical Dissection Pad. The lower cost of this pad makes it ideal for individual or two person training; ideally issued to trainees at the start of a course or for self-directed learning.


  • Incision
  • Dissection
  • Division
  • Mobilization
  • Ligation
  • Suturing & stapling


  • Convincing appearance when viewed through laparoscope
  • Provides a realistic response with steel blade laparoscopic instruments or a harmonic scalpel
  • Made from patented material which provides for realistic suturing and stapling
  • Contains 2 types of vessel:

         -arterial (2)

         -bile (2)

  • Can be secured using the Soft Tissue Retaining Set which also allows for the pad to be presented at varying angles
  • Cost effective and extremely convenient when compared with animal tissue
  • Excellent substitute for animal tissue
  • Does not have to be used in a wet laboratory - dramatically reduces the risk of infection to course participants
  • Use with Soft Tissue Retaining Set 50151

Package Contents:

  • 1 Small Surgical Dissection Pad

Price: $80.00 (Part 50118)

Small Surgical Dissection Pad Small Surgical Dissection Pad