Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

Rescue Critters' Squeekums Rat mannikin allows students, lab technicians, and handlers to learn how to confidently handle and safely manage lab rodents.

The tail of this amazing rodent model can be conveniently detached and disposed of, while also having the capability of IV access at the caudal vein site. Tiny replaceable ears help students learn ear tagging procedures. The model is fully articulated and extremely realistic. Head, feet, and limbs move in a natural manner.

Squeekums comes with its own protective case, IV accessories, artificial blood, and instructions.


Medium: Mannekin Price: US$799.00(Item #320) Note: 1.Additional disposable ears are available at US$21.99 (Item #322)2. Additional disposable tails are also available at US$25 (Item #321).

Squeekums Squeekums