Suture and Training model

Producer: Leporsky Dmitry

The suture and training model is made from materials that mimic animal tissues by their properties (turger, elasticity, resistance, etc) and gives a life-like quality, which is very important in the training process. The model consists of a silicon or wooden basement and 5 replasable pads, which are easy to install and remove. The pad`s proportions correspond to the operative field, typically used on the animal body. It enables expanding the range of training manipulations and allows student freedom to practice multiply surgical skills at home or in class. The manipulations include:
- buried suturing
- removable knot suturing
- recurrent horizontal and vertical suturing
- tapping
- subcutaneous and intramuscular injections
- wound bleeding arrest (requires use of catheter and special system)
- blood sampling by the blood vessel tapping (requires use of catheter and special system)

Medium: Simulator

 Price: Euro 45.00 (wooden model), Euro 70 (silicon model)


Wooden sample of the suture and training model Silicon sample of the suture and training model Suture and Training model Replacable pads