Suture Trainer, Cushion

Producer: HeineScientific

This suture trainer is in the shape of a rectangular cushion and permits the learning of surgical suturing and knotting techniques under realistic conditions. The suture trainer consists of special foam and ‘artificial skin’ made from soft PVC, which provides a realistic imitation of the properties of the skin.

The suture trainer features a pre-cut wound that can be sewn again and again. If necessary, additional wounds can be added.

  • Suture trainer in cushion form
  • With Velcro to strap to an arm or leg
  • Realistic reproduction of the skin texture
  • Dimensions: 23 x 10cm
  • Skin cushions can be replaced

Price: On request, from regional distributors (catalogue ref. H130621).

Suture Trainer, Cushion Suture Trainer, Cushion