Three Vein Pad - Venepuncture

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

A soft tissue strap-on pad featuring 3 straight veins, one of which is paediatric size.


  • Professional-to-patient communication
  • Insertion of a needle
  • Introduction of a cannula
  • Management of blood flow
  • When connected to a blood reservoir:

         -withdrawal of blood

        -use of a Vacutainer™



  • Designed to be strapped onto the arm or back of the hand
  • Lumen sizes of veins (1 of each): 1mm, 4mm, 6mm
  • Veins are:

         -self sealing for repeated use

        -rechargeable via a one-way valve
        -supplied with mock blood under pressure

  • The pad can be connected to the Mock Blood Giving Set 60651 to simulate blood flow and to initiate realistic 'flashback'
  • Strong backing plate to prevent needle stick injuries
  • Replaceable epidermis is washable using soap and water

Package Contents:

  • 1 pad base with strap
  • 1 Vein for Three Vein Pad 00213
  • 1 Epidermis for Three Vein Pad 00200

Replacement Parts:

  • Vein for Three Vein Pad
  • Epidermis for Three Vein Pad
  • Mock Blood - Venous (250ml)

Price: $224.00 (Part 00161)

Three Vein Pad - Venepuncture Three Vein Pad - Venepuncture