Vermiform Appendix

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

A series of three models representing the different locations in which the vermiform appendix is to be found. Trainees will move on from the Surgical Dissection Pads (50118, 50114) to this progressive 3 stage appendices suite:

  • Normal represents 32% of locations
  • Post-ileal represents 1% of locations
  • Retrocaecal represents 64% of locations


  • Excision and division of peritoneum
  • Identification and exposure of appendix
  • Mobilisation and division of vessels
  • Removal of appendix
  • Inspection of stump of appendix
  • Repair and closure of peptic ulcer



  • Highly realistic model of appendix, caecum, and ileum stump presented anatomically
  • The variations available in the range of appendices provide increased levels of difficulty
  • Convincing fluid filled vessels, caecum contents, and tissues encouraging sensitive and skillful handling of tissue
  • Vessel features a luer lock to facilitate further fluid supply
  • Incorporates a luer lock to which the Mock Blood Giving Set may be attached to provide fluid flow for the appendicular artery. Use Mock Blood - Arterial (250ml)
  • Ideal for training course requirements; the model is designed for swift attachment to and removal from the Soft Tissue Retaining Set
  • Use within MATT Trainer - Basic or Minimal Access Therapy Technique (MATT) Trainer - Standard

Price: $100.00 Part 50122:Vermiform Appendix - Normal Anatomy, Part 50123: Vermiform Appendix - Post-ileal, Part 50124: Vermiform Appendix - Retrocaecal

Vermiform Appendix - Normal Anatomy Vermiform Appendix - Post-ileal Vermiform Appendix - Retrocaecal