Veterinary Intubation Simulator

Producer: Künzel, Prof. Wolfgang

This is a mannekin of the head and neck of a dog in dorsal recumbency; it is silicon rubber built at scale 1:1 by moulding on the cadaver of an adult Doberman Pinscher. The core of the simulator is made from polyurethane foam. The use of silicon rubber ensures stability and flexibility of flews, tongue, soft palate, and epiglottis as well as their return to original shape. The size of the simulator was chosen for didactic reasons, because the dimensions of giant breeds were seen as non-representative due to the perceived ease of their intubation. Special attention was focussed on realistic quality of reproduction. Designed to improve teaching and training of students in practising intratracheal intubation and to diminish avoidable encumbrance of patients in veterinary curriculum, this model offers the possibility to repeat anatomical knowledge without waste of time, to practice intratracheal intubation under supervision with the realistic possibility to fail and to simulate different positions of epiglottis and soft palate as well.


Medium: Mannekin Price: €3,000.00

Veterinary Intubation Simulator Dog