Seifert S, Boehler S, Sudra G, Dillmann R. An automatic robust meshing algorithm for soft tissue modeling. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005; 111:443-6

PMID: 15718775


Soft tissue simulation with the finite element method is based on discretizations of anatomical objects. The structure of organs is mostly heterogeneous. To compute the deformation of composite materials correctly borders between adjacent tissues must be preserved. In this paper a new meshing algorithm is presented that fulfill this requirement. Additionally it works automatically in a straight forward manner to produce high quality 3d meshes from input triangle surfaces. The algorithm shows robust behavior and allows even to generate mesh from the most complex geometries. The processing time depends directly on the size of the input mesh and not on topology. This makes this algorithm calculable hence useful for time dependent cases, for example to adapt intraoperatively to modified operation status.