Fuentealba C, Mason RV, Johnston SD. Community-based clinical veterinary education at Western University of Health Sciences. J Vet Med Educ. 2008 Spring;35(1):34-42

PMID: 18339954


This article describes a distributed model clinical curriculum developed by the College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences (CVMWU), and presents outcome data for the 2005/2006 academic year. Extramural clinical education requires close institutional involvement, including planning, formulation of learning objectives, selection of partner sites with numbers compatible with teaching needs, training of clinical preceptors, faculty commitment, administrative support, and ongoing assessment. Extramural delivery of the CVMWU clinical curriculum is facilitated by its geographical location in close proximity to participating sites and by an admissions process designed to select students judged likely to succeed in a student-centered learning environment. Outcome data collected from students and clinical preceptors supports the conclusion that year 3 of the curriculum was successfully delivered.