Bachinski R, Souza M et al. The end of harmful animal use in professional and higher education: an on-going process in Brazil. ALTEX Proceedings. 2017, 6(1): VI-1-278


The Brazilian Network for Humane Education (RedEH) – an independent group of academics from 10 Brazilian states, and international collaborators – has been pushing for change in the field of humane  education. In 2016, with the support of InterNICHE and 18 international professors and organizations, RedEH requested that the Brazilian National Council for the Control of Animal Experimentation (CONCEA) ban harmful animal use in professional and undergraduate education. This was the first formal request for a total replacement of harmful animal use in education in Brazil, and represents a historic event in the advancement of scientific education. RedEH is open to all researchers working in humane education and new teaching methods
in the life and health sciences. We aim to provide a collaborative and encouraging environment, including not only researchers from the life sciences but also product design, virtual game development and science communication.

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