M Alcañiz, C Monserrat, U Meier, M C Juan, V Grau, J A Gil. GeRTiSS: Generic Real Time Surgery Simulation. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2003;94:16-8

PMID: 15455856


Minimally invasive surgery is a technique that permits interventions through very small incisions. This minimises the patients' trauma and permits a faster recovery in comparison with classical surgery. The disadvantage of this surgery technique, though, is its complexity, requiring a high training effort of the surgeon. In this paper, we present a general surgery simulator for training surgeons in minimally invasive surgery. The application allows to create environments and interaction modes very similar to those encountered in real surgical interventions. The virtual environments are optionally composed of an actual patient's organs the intervention on which one desires to practice in a beforehand manner, or of synthetically generated organs with arbitrary pathologies. The intervention is carried out by means of haptic interfaces with force feedback, providing the surgeon with a sense of touch, a fundamental element of all types of surgery.