Sahi PK, Mishra D, Singh T. Medical Education Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Indian Pediatr. 2020 Jul 15;57(7):652-657

PMID: 32412913


The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the mankind to its core. Social distancing is the most important preventive strategy for the spread of this contagion, short of a vaccine. Implementation of the same has forced many countries in to a complete lock-down. Closure of schools and universities has made education uncertain at all levels. Medical education is no exception. In this pandemic, the need for uninterrupted generation of future doctors is felt more than ever in our living memory. Continuity of medical education is thus imperative. While "Live" patient contact is an irreplaceable tenet of clinical teaching, these extraordinary times demand exceptional measures. Pedagogical innovations involving technology and simulation based teaching (Online lectures, video case vignettes, virtual simulators, webcasting, online chat-rooms) need to be brought to the forefront. Since the medical educators have been pushed inevitably to rely on technology-based learning, they should not only embrace it but also develop and evaluate its sustainability and application in preclinical and clinical setting. Meanwhile, the students, whose medical education is stuck in this pandemic time, should realize that there is no better teacher than a first-hand experience, and they are eyewitnesses to the making of history.