Auer JA. Veterinary surgery education performed on models. ALTEX: Alternativen zu Tierexperimenten.1994;11(1):44-46

PMID: 11178367


At the Veterinary Surgery Clinic of the University of Zurich models were developed in cooperation with a surgery professor from the United States. These models allow to practice manual dexterity of the students in basic surgical techniques. Additionally, proper assisting in these basic surgical techniques can also be practiced using these models. A further advantage represents the facts that these models do not have a scent because they are manufactured from a special polyurethane facilitating easy transport of these models to allow additional practicing at the students leisure at home. The result of this education, which was initiated three years ago, is better manual dexterity in surgical techniques, a dexterity which is achieved without sacrificing laboratory animals. This represents a big advantage for the students and later the veterinarian.

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