6 September 2011
InterNICHE honoured for replacement of animal experiments

The RSPCA has conferred upon Nick Jukes of InterNICHE the prestigious Lord Erskine Silver Award.

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24 August 2011
InterNICHE outreach: Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Iran

A major focus on alternatives in medicine and veterinary medicine, particularly in clinical skills and surgical training, is underway with InterNICHE outreach visits in Mexico, Portugal, Russia and Iran.

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15 July 2011
An alternative China: Focus on replacement at Asia for Animals conference

Animal experimentation and alternatives addressed for first time at major Chinese conference

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12 August 2010
Latin American Conference on Humane Education and Alternatives: Overview, Progress and Challenges

A major alternatives conference is being hosted by InterNICHE Partners UPA in Lima, Peru, 12-14 August 2010.

Over 3 days, presentations by Peruvian and international speakers will provide an overview and address progress and challenges in the replacement of animal experiments and the implementation of alternatives in education and training.

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27 February 2010
1st Middle East Seminar on Alternatives

The 1st North Africa and Middle East Seminar on Alternatives to Animal Experiments in Education and Training, held in Cairo on 27th February 2010, was a success and led to a resolution calling for full replacement.

Organised by InterNICHE and the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends (ESAF), the initiative brought together teachers, students, researchers, veterinary professionals, campaigning organisations and others to promote and help implement replacement alternatives across North Africa and the Middle East.

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18 December 2009
2009 Humane Education Award

InterNICHE announces the 2009 Humane Education Award to support ethical and effective life science education and training.

The Award is a grant program to enhance biological science, medical and veterinary medical education and training. Supported by Proefdiervrij, the Award offers 20,000 Euro (US$ 29,000) to be split between successful applicants.

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