Producer: 3D4Medical

HoloHuman is a groundbreaking medical learning application for Microsoft HoloLens.

With its unique interface, HoloHuman allows an immersive 3D exploration of anatomy, giving an unparalleled view of the human body.

Selectable structures

Select from thousands of anatomical structures to reveal detailed facts and in-depth information. Simply place the headset on and gesture to zoom, rotate, select & fade structures.

Virtual cadaveric dissections

Perform virtual cadaveric dissections and experience shared views of the model. Structures can be highlighted, hidden or faded, to better demonstrate their anatomical relationships.

Dive inside the model

HoloHuman allows the wearer to discover the inside of organs such as the heart and brain in greater detail by simply stepping towards the model, 'opening up' the anatomy to reveal its internal structures.

Intuitive user experience

Built specifically for HoloLens mixed reality environment, the HoloHuman interface is easy to navigate and fun to explore.

** This app is currently only available to institutions (price unavailable).

HoloHuman HoloHuman HoloHuman HoloHuman