Science & Nature Classes For Kids

Producer: Outschool, Inc.

Various online courses (100+) in Science and Nature for students aged 13-18. Prices vary.

Examples of courses include:

Biology: Labs and Activities for High School Biology

This is an 18 week class that will complete various labs, stations and activities that fulfill the labs and activities traditionally performed in a traditional classroom. Price: $234 USD

A Cell Divided: Mitosis, Meiosis and Developmental Biology

In this course, we explore the roles of mitosis and meiosis in reproduction and genetic diversity, and follow the critical days of embryonic development. Price: $60 USD

High School Biology 18 Week Lecture Class (Flex Course)

In this 18 week flexible course, we will cover topics of cells, genetics, ecology, evolution and classification. Price: $260 USD

Advanced Shark Biology ( Zoology, Marine Biology)

In this 4 day advanced class we will go in detail about shark anatomy, behavior, taxonomy and abilities Price: $60 USD