Producer: Barry, Prof. Peter H.

ArtMem for Windows (ArtMemW) and its DOS version (ARTMEM) are teaching programs designed to simulate an experiment to illustrate how membrane potentials are set up across biological and other membranes. This is mainly achieved by students exploring the response of an artificial ion-selective membrane to changes in salt solution concentrations across it. It would be a good first introduction to membrane potentials, prior to using the MemPotW or MEMPOT program, which deals with membrane potentials of simulated excitable biological cells.


Medium: 3.5" disk; CD-ROM System requirements: DOS, Windows 95 and later, Macintosh with a fully compatible Windows/DOS emulation package Price: US$395.00 (including Instructor’s Manual, Student’s Note and departmental site licence) for the first program, and US$200.00 each for either of the other two programs in the Electrophysiology Software series (MemPotW / MEMPOT, MemCableW / MEMCABLE). A special upgrade price from the DOS to the full Windows version is also available. Free demo version of each program is available and can be downloaded from website