Gall Bladders

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

One of a series of four highly realistic models of increasing complexity for structured and staged training on gall bladder removal. Trainees will progress from the Surgical Dissection Pads to this range of Gall Bladders.


Not to be used with electrosurgery / diathermy equipment


  • Incision and dissection of the visceral peritoneal layer
  • Division and mobilization of vessels
  • Ligation of cystic artery and cystic duct
  • Removal of gall bladder
  • Visualization and recognition of anatomical landmarks and organ variations
  • All the skills defined for the Surgical Dissection Pad, but in the context of performing them on an organ
  • Cholangiogram catheter insertion and stone retrieval


  • Highly realistic - the image through the laparoscope, and the tissue response to cutting and dissection is convincing. This provides trainees with precisely what they would experience in an operating theatre
  • The variations available in the range of Gall Bladders provide increased levels of difficulty and the element of surprise to be introduced. This is almost impossible to achieve when using animal tissue
  • When running a course, the used component can be removed and replaced with a new one in seconds
  • All vessels and gall bladder are fluid filled
  • Incorporates a luer lock to which a drip system may be attached to provide fluid flow for the cystic artery
  • Use with Soft Tissue Retaining Set 50151, MATT Trainer - Basic 50250 and MATT Trainer - Standard 50150

1. Gall Bladder with Wide Common Bile Duct & Stones for Exploration (Part 50127) Price: $115.00 

2. Gall Bladder with Short Cystic Duct (Part 50129) Price: $115.00

3. Gall Bladder with Bifurcated Cystic Artery (Part 50128) Price: $115.00

4. Gall Bladder with Normal Anatomy (Part 50127) Price: $115.00


Gall Bladder with Bifurcated Cystic Gall Bladder with Normal Anatomy Gall Bladder with Short Cystic Duct Gall Bladder with Wide Common Bile