All-New 'Harvey'

Producer: University of Miami School of Medicine

All-New 'Harvey', a Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator (CPS), is a life-size mannekin capable of simulating 30 conditions (2 normal conditions and 28 cardiovascular diseases). Each cardiac condition is integrated with a slide program that can be projected at the simulator’s ‘bedside’. This program sequentially presents the patient’s history and physical examination, laboratory data, medical and surgical treatment options, and information about the pathology and epidemiology of the patient’s disease state. The CPS is complete with carotid, brachial, radial and femoral pulses, venous pulsations, precordial movements, respiration, blood pressure and auscultation in the four classic acoustic areas flawlessly reproduced. Adjunctive ECG’s, X-rays, and other data are also supplied.

"Harvey" is portable and may be used in any environment in which a patient may be examined. Small groups with stethophones may learn without an instructor by using the slide programs or the UMedic system. If the area is only for "Harvey," it should be about the size of a patient’s small hospital room, so that space is available for "Bedside Rounds." "Harvey" may also be used in Clinical Skills or Simulation Training Centers or SP training areas. Larger groups may learn in a lecture hall by using stethophones for auscultation and video projection for observing other physical findings.


Medium: Simulator

Price: US$80,000

All new 'Harvey' All new 'Harvey' All-New 'Harvey'