LCBDE Trainer

Producer: 3-Dmed

LCBDE Trainer is used for practicing common bile duct exploration using the laparoscopic and simulated fluoroscopic views. The trainer includes a liver, gallbladder, common bile duct and simulated gallstones. The set includes 4 of each 5mm, 10mm, and holeless grommets.

  • Cameras: Quantity of 2, 1080p HD, internally mounted.
  • Ports: 4 fitted with grommets.
  • Grommets: Holeless, 5mm, 10mm interchangeable grommets
  • Lights: LED interior lighting.
  • Connections: 2 external HDMI ports to connect to 2 different monitors. Included: 2 HDMI Cables and 2 HDMI-DVI adapters for monitors without HDMI connections.
  • Trainer Dimensions: L 13.5″ x W 12″ x H 13″ (L 34.3cm x W 30.5cm x H 33cm)
  • Accessories Box Dimensions: L 13.25″ x W 9.5″ x H 4.25″ (L 33.7cm x W 24.1cm x H 10.8cm)
  • Total Weight: 20lbs. ( 9kgs.)

Price: $3,400.00.

LCBDE Trainer LCBDE Trainer LCBDE Trainer LCBDE Trainer