Zoology Models

Producer: Nasco, Inc.

A set of 7 lightweight, full-colour dissection models shown in raised relief. Each markable model is constructed of durable vinyl, illustrates internal structures, biological functions, and comparative anatomy in great detail, and is capable of replacing the use of animal specimens in the classroom. This series of models makes a co-ordinated program for life sciences study, and with each comprehensive lesson plan, provides for both class and individual study. All models are 18" x 24" and come with a 3-ring notebook that includes instructor background information, student basic understandings, learner activities, a glossary, colour transparencies, blackline masters, and a key to model structures. The models can be purchased either separately or as a set.

• Clam Model. Shows exaggerated perspective of a mollusc gill structure as well as cut-away section of the shell, foot, and mantle to reveal internal organs. Two separate inset diagrams show the circulatory and nervous systems.

• Crayfish Model. A commonly dissected invertebrate, the crayfish is shown in 3D so learners can study the organs and structure of an animal with an exoskeleton. This colourful model illustrates the special adaptations the crayfish has for life under water, with an inset of the gill structure.

• Earthworm Model. Classical relief of the anterior portion of the earthworm showing the internal organs and systems representative of primitive invertebrates. The inset clearly illustrates the body in cross section.

• Fetal Pig Model. This model illustrates a dissected portion of the abdominal and thoracic organs. The male reproductive system is shown ventrally, and a dorsal view allows examination of the female reproductive organs as well as the brain, muscles, and nervous system. Inset diagram outlines the circulatory system.

• Frog Model. The anatomy of all frog organs and systems is presented in ventral and dorsal dissected views. Abdominal organs expose a representation of the female reproductive organs from the left, while the male is shown on the right. A separate inset details the structure of a frog’s 3-chambered heart.

 • Grasshopper Model. A representation of an insect, this model shows the wing and has a portion of the exoskeleton cut away to reveal the internal organs. The often studied mouth is shown in a separate inset, illustrating the frontal view of the head as well as dissected in magnified detail.

 • Perch Model. Learners view the special adaptations aquatic vertebrate have for exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Organ systems are graphically illustrated in 3D; two inset diagrams show gas exchange in the gills and complete skeletal system.


Medium: Model Price: US$104.50 (individual models); US$614.00 (full set of 7 models)

Zoology Models Zoology Models