Producer: 3-Dmed

The Holiotomy was designed by Kate O’Hanlan, MD for the LIGO Course to use inside the 3-Dmed T3 or T5 MITSto accomplish the Holiotomy Challenge. The Holiotomy is marked with dots on each side, which surgeons must suture through in placing three figure of N’s” and then tie each with four square knots. Thus, 18 sutures are passed through each of two dots, and at least 32 knots are tied.Kate also wrote a study that concluded that a comprehensive course employing laparoscopic surgical simulation focused on basic surgical skills essential to TLH has a positive impact on attendees’ self-rated skill level and rate of laparoscopic approaches. Many participants have begun performing TLH after the course!


  • The Holiotomy is marked with dots on each side.
  • Velcro is attached to secure inside the MITS or use it with the Penrose Drain Holder.

Price: $68.00 (sold in Bags of 50; Kate’s Study included in every order).

Holiotomy Holiotomy