First Aid Arm

Producer: Simulaids

Train Students in the Proper Techniques Used to Control Severe Bleeding:

  • Direct Pressure
  • Pressure Points
  • Tourniquet

The Lifeform First Aid Arm provides extremely realistic appearance and function to make your training exercise true-to-life. Synthetic blood can be made to flow from either the cut on the forearm or from the severed thumb, or from both at the same time.

The severed thumb allows training in proper care and handling of separated body members. You can regulate rate of bleeding and create venous or arterial flow. Blood returns to collection tray for reuse. Pressure points function realistically at wrist and upper arm.

Students will need to react just as in an actual emergency and select the appropriate method to control bleeding and treat the wound.

Includes vinyl arm with wound, severed thumb, collection tray, arterial pulse bulb, venous supply bag, 1-qt. Lifeform blood, teaching guide, and storage case.

Price: £895.00 + VAT

First Aid Arm