Advanced Four-Vein Venepuncture Training Aid

Producer: Simulaids

This advanced IV training model has four barely discernible blue veins of three different diameters and a fourth vein deeply placed in a semi-transparent, tissue-like material which permits increased difficulty and improved skills when accessing.

Made with latex-free Dermalike, which provides 50% less needle drag when starting an IV and improved tear resistance to permit a greater number of needle sticks. When accessing, the skin rolls as the vein is palpated and a pop is felt as the needle enters the vein, followed by a realistic flashback of simulated blood confirming proper needle placement.

Practice both the withdrawal of blood and the injection of fluids on this large 5″ x 10″ x 1-1/2″ model.

An excellent model to practice the mechanics of the no-stick IV catheters.

Redesigned, the upright backing plate is now a protective snap-on cover over the tissue pad. The unique design allows for quick, easy setup.

This lightweight, easily transportable, economical, and non-staining training aid is the perfect alternative to heavier and more expensive models.

Includes user manual.

Price: £520.00 + VAT

Advanced Four-Vein Venepuncture Training Aid