Canine Skeleton Model

Producer: Erler Zimmer

A life-size, quality cast of a medium dog skeleton by German manufacturer Erler Zimmer. The dog skeleton model measures approximately 45cm at shoulder height.

This canine skeleton model features a removable skull and tail, and a movable jaw with realistic teeth. The legs are mobile at the joints and removed from the skeleton model for closer inspection.

The anatomical features of the canine skeleton have been accurately reproduced, making this dog model and ideal choice for demonstrating veterinary anatomy to students or dog owners. The joints can also be manipulated to show the natural gliding movement of the bones, e.g. the scapula against the rib cage, making this dog skeleton suitable for canine physiotherapists wishing to demonstrate the function of the canine skeletal system.

The dog skeleton model is mounted on a plastic base for ease of display.

Price: £264.00 inc VAT £220.00 exc VAT

Canine Skeleton Model