Decubitus Trainer

Producer: 3B Scientific GmbH

This pressure ulcer care trainer by 3B Scientific represents grades 1 - 4 wounds to enable trainee practitioners to learn about professional assessment (examination, measurement and description), pressure ulcer wound care and bandaging techniques. By early identification and proficient skin and wound care, health care professionals can help prevent the onset of pressure ulcers (bed sores) and the worsening condition of any ulcers identified.

The decubitus trainer model P15 / 1019698 has been made from flexible realistic material and shows different decubitus at varying stages:

Grade 1 is on the left greater trochanter which has redness but intact skin.
Grade 2 is on the right buttock in the sacrum area. It reveals partial skin loss, with the outer epidermis showing damage into the dermis. This injury can include blisters and skin abrasions.
Grade 3 shows ulceration on the left buttock and represents the loss of all layers of the skin, representing damage to the subcutaneous tissue including necrosis which is the black colouration in the wound.
Grade 4 is situated in the left greater trochanter, by the sacrum. All skin layers and muscle fascia have been destroyed and there are nectrotic areas which are marked black. Muscle and bones below this layer are also affected which could also become necrotic. This type of damage can also affect ligaments, tendons or joint structures. Pocket formations are also represented.

This pressure sores model is supplied with a carry case.

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Decubitus Trainer