SONOtrain Ultrasound Gallbladder Model

Producer: 3B Scientific GmbH

The SONOtrain™ Gallbladder Model P122 / 1019638 by 3B Scientific enables students to practise detecting gallbladder pathologies using ultrasound.

This ultrasound block represents the gallbladder with three different pathologies. Students will be able to detect both 8 mm and 10 mm gallstones, billiard sludge deposit and thickened gallbladder wall. Both the gallstones and the biliary sludge can react to changes in position and move around. The SONOtrain™ gallbladder model offers simulated soft tissue to practise palpations or injections and represents real tissue texture and echogenicity for ultrasound images.

The ultrasound block is replacable (see product XP122). Please note that an ultrasound device is not included.

Price: £456.00 inc VAT £380.00 exc VAT (available through

SONOtrain Ultrasound Gallbladder Model SONOtrain Ultrasound Gallbladder Model