Buttock Intramuscular Injection Simulator

Producer: 3B Scientific GmbH

This strap-on buttock injection model P57 / 1000514 consists of a life-like buttock with anatomical landmarks for palpation, such as the iliac crest, anterior superior iliac spine and greater trochanter. The realistic anatomy allows for correct placement of intramuscular injections without the need for a real patient.

The injection arm has built-in fine electronics to produce audio-visual feedback of the result, e.g. correct or incorrect injection, bone contact, or wrong location. Additional training and control modes optionally provide feedback immediately or upon completion of a training session

The buttock model is supplied with a 21G/0.8 injection needle and a 5 ml syringe.

Price: £1,260.00 inc VAT £1,050.00 exc VAT (available through anatomystuff.co.uk)

Buttock Intramuscular Injection Simulator Buttock Intramuscular Injection Simulator