Sheep Skeleton (Ovis Aries)

Producer: 3B Scientific GmbH

This genuine sheep skeleton is the perfect way for veterinary students to study the anatomy of Ovis aries. This sheep skeleton model is complete and can be used for both mammalian and comparative anatomy studies. Consisting of approximately 215 individual bones, which are rigidly connected to each other, this sheep skeleton represents a typical example of the order of even-toed ungulates. This full sheep skeleton is supplied with a base for display.

Please select a female or male sheep skeleton.

Our real animal skeleton range by 3B Scientific is prepared by professional taxidermists in Europe, ensuring the models are mounted to the highest quality and that every bone from the animal is displayed. No animals have been bred or killed solely for the purpose of making these specimens, and these models are certified to pose no risk of infection due to infectious zoonotic pathogens.

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Sheep Skeleton (Ovis Aries)