Microscopic Anatomy

Producer: Gold Standard Multimedia


This is an interactive cellular anatomy tutorial modeled after classroom exercises at a medical school level. Organised in 23 chapters covering all systems of the body, the program contains more than 1,200 digitised histological slides and electron micrographs and over 1,750 multiple choice test questions. The explanatory text leads the student in a logical sequence through the tutorial portion of the program. Students can quiz themselves and receive immediate feedback using the practice practical mode. Other features include: a narrated video describing the set-up and use of the microscope; zoom capabilities to double magnification (slides enlargeable to full screen, with references to degrees of magnification represented on each slide); and information conveniently organised by organ/organelle, species and preparation.


Medium: Internet, intranet, CD-ROM System requirements: The CD-ROM version is optimised for Internet Explorer, but does not require installation; QuickTime is necessary to view the animations and hear sounds throughout the program; the internet version requires any computer running Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape 4.5 and above, with JavaScript enabled; for specific system requirements for intranet systems, please contact the source Price: Individual use: US$20.00 (6-month subscription for on-line version); US$35.00 (annual subscription for on-line version). Internet, intranet and CD-ROM annual institutional site licences on request