Barach P,Satish U,Streufert S. Healthcare assessment and performance: Using simulation. Simulation & Gaming. 2001;32(2):147-155


Simulation as an evaluative tool has been subject to problems validating it as a gold standard for performance evaluation in health care. The simulator can be effective only when coupled with an effective curriculum.. Simulation in itself raises several important questions: (a) What aspects of professional competence can be better assessed by simulation technique than by more traditional evaluative measures? (b) What are the extra costs of simulations in terms of money, time, and other resources? (c) What are the long- and short-term ramifications of simulation exercises for examinees, simulators, and observers? (d) How can the ethical requirements of informed consent be met without jeopardizing the reality of the simulation? This article will address the ongoing dilemmas around performance assessment and will begin to frame the ongoing debate in the field of simulation and education research.

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Author's keywords: simulation, performance assessment, healthcare training; ethics