3D Canine Anatomy

Producer: LlamaZOO

Virtual dissection lets you explore and dissect outside the lab. Peel away layers, hide components, isolate regions, and visualize the spatial relationship between anatomical structures.

Being able to interact with a life-sized virtual canine cadaver, place your head inside its abdomen, and hold its organs in your hands is an extremely convincing argument for the advantages of 3D interaction compared to plastic models or textbooks.

Adaptive quizzes focus on where you need to improve. Reinforce your learning with hundreds of questions written by anatomy professors.

Make EasyAnatomy yours with bookmarks, notes, and annotations. Save frequent camera positions, point out important structures, and create your own library of personalized study material.

EasyAnatomy is currently available on tablet, laptop, and desktop devices, LlamaZOO’s aim is to help veterinarians have more engaged, informed, and effective conversations with clients about their pet’s health, and the recent addition of animated pathologies to EasyAnatomy makes this even easier.

Price: for detailed info, please visit web-site: http://easy-anatomy.com


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