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InterNICHE is working on a new global film about alternatives in veterinary education and training. Your suggestions for content are invited.

The film aims to facilitate replacement of harmful animal use (dissection of purpose killed animals, animal experiments and other instrumental animal use) and to explore the potential for a fully humane veterinary education and training.

We have some important footage already, and following a short hiatus we are now ready to get the rest of the footage we need.

Your ideas are welcome concerning universities and colleges, teachers, students and campaigners, and alternatives and their developers, that could be important to include or interview in the film.

These can be from your country, or internationally - and examples from North America are particularly welcome. 

The suggestions could include specific exemplary or innovative alternative tools or approaches; development and implementation of alternatives at a specific college or university; major replacement achieved; alternatives implemented due to student conscientious objection; opinions on harmful animal use; veterinary education and training that is humane within a discipline in your country by convention; and official bodies that support or have accredited courses that use alternatives.

Reflections on the latest trends in veterinary medicine and their expression within education and training are also welcome, as are thoughts on the changing nature of education as a whole.

Please send me your comments at <>. Many thanks.

Nick Jukes