Animal Simulator

Producer: RELX India Pvt. Ltd.

The learning Package consists of 4 programmes:

  1. ExPharm Pro (Simulated Experiments in Pharmacology)
  2. Xcology Pro (Simulated Experiments in Pharmacology)
  3. ExPhysiology Pro (Simulated Experiments in Physiology)
  4. Experimental Physiology (Simulated Experiments in Physiology)

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Covers entire curriculum of experimental pharmacology and experimental physiology
  • Customized reports to assess usage of the product
  • Examination portal with features to create exam paper and assess students
  • Interactive experiments.
  • Each experiment contains animations, videos and illustrations.
  • Multiple drugs and potency available for study in all experiments
  • Self-paced learning by students.
  • Repetitive practice by students.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Reduces cost by lower maintenance costs for animal laboratories.

Price: for details, please contact producer.

Animal Simulator Animal Simulator Animal Simulator Animal Simulator Animal Simulator