Advanced Life Support Trainers and Accessories

Producer: Simulaids

Various Adult Advanced Life Support Training Manikins:

Full Body

The features of this ALS Full Body Trainer allow for: airway maintenance with Endotracheal (ET) tubes, Oropharyngeal Airways (OPA), Nasopharyngeal Airways (NPA), Combitubes, and other adjuncts; IV catheterisations in the lower arm; ECG pattern recognition using the Interactive ECG rhythm generator; and CPR. It is also suitable for practicing defibrillation with full joule level discharge performed with patient care devices.

Price: £4,750.00 + VAT

Full Body with Two Arms

Price: £4,950.00 + VAT

Torso Only

Price: £4,250.00 + VAT

Trauma Intubation Head

This Trauma intubation head simulates swollen throat/vocal chords which would cause swelling of the larynx leading to laryngospasm. A cricothyrotomy can be performed using this model and has replaceable neck skins allowing for multiple applications. Also simulates internal/external bleeding wounds.

Price: £1,395.00 + VAT

*Various Accessories and Replacement Parts Also Available.

ALS Full Body Trainer Adult ALS Trainer – Torso Only Trauma Intubation Head Replacement Intubation Head CPR Head For Adult ALS/BLS Trainer Accessory for ALS Trainer Replacement IV Veins for ALS Trainer Replacement Lungs/Stomach for ALS Trainer ALS Full Body Trainer with Two Arms Replacement Intramuscular Injection Pads – pack of 3