Adams K and Larson J. Developing training courses for meeting the information requirements of the US animal welfare act [abstract]. ALTEX. 2009;26(Special Issue):221-222. Abstract 392


The 1985 amendments to the US Federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) included a requirement that investigators consider alternative methods whenever animals are proposed for studies that may involve more than slight or momentary pain and dis-tress. To assist the regulated community in meeting this new mandate, in 1993, the Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) developed a workshop with the goal of teaching researchers, information providers, veterinarians, and animal care and use committee members how to conduct effective literature searches for alternatives. This paper outlines the decision process AWIC took in creating the workshop so that other facilities can develop their own courses based on the AWIC model. It describes the steps taken in identifying the target audience, developing course goals, and distinguishing relevant databases and online resources. The difficulties associated with demonstrating the importance of multi-database searching and teaching how to create useful search strategies will be discussed. Also mentioned are how to decide on the best teaching format and identify supplemental articles that will support the workshop's educational goals. Tips such as catering to different audience members, directing searchers toward locally available and relevant resources, and creating a link between information providers and scientists will be addressed. Finally, the paper discusses the importance of learning about and incorporating new databases and websites, software programs, and alternative testing methods into the coursework when teaching how to search for reduction, refinement, or replacement options.

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