Acosta E, Temkin B, Krummel TM, Heinrichs WL. G2H--graphics-to-haptic virtual environment development tool for PC's. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2000; 70:1-3

PMID: 10977518


For surgical training and preparations, the existing surgical virtual environments have shown great improvement. However, these improvements are more in the visual aspect. The incorporation of haptics into virtual reality base surgical simulations would enhance the sense of realism greatly. To aid in the development of the haptic surgical virtual environment we have created a graphics to haptic, G2H, virtual environment developer tool. G2H transforms graphical virtual environments (created or imported) to haptic virtual environments without programming. The G2H capability has been demonstrated using the complex 3D pelvic model of Lucy 2.0, the Stanford Visible Female. The pelvis was made haptic using G2H without any further programming effort

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