Guinea Pig Isolated Ileum (In Vitro)

Producer: PIDATA

This program accurately simulates laboratory experiments which investigate the effects of drugs on the in vitro guinea pig ileum. Drugs available for the ileum simulation include a dozen familiar agonists, which will contract the muscle, together with blockers of various sorts. It is possible to mimic experiments to identify an unknown compound. Random elements are incorporated into Ileum to simulate the inherent biological variability in the response to the same dose of agonist. Ileum can be used quantitatively or qualitatively and a permanent record of results is produced on a printer in the form of a ‘chart trace’ which can be measured and processed using the usual statistical procedures.


Year of production: 1995
Medium: 3.5" disk
System requirements: Windows only (all versions)
Price: £149.00 (multiuser, department licence for unlimited copies)