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A major alternatives conference is being hosted by InterNICHE Partners UPA in Lima, Peru, 12-14 August 2010.

Over 3 days, presentations by Peruvian and international speakers will provide an overview and address progress and challenges in the replacement of animal experiments and the implementation of alternatives in education and training.

Teachers who have developed and implemented alternatives, and students who have conscientiously objected to harmful animal use, will share their experiences - including of progressive changess that have taken place since the InterNICHE tour of Latin America in 2008 that included Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

A Multimedia Exhibition will showcase a range of learning and training tools from the Peruvian Alternatives Loan System, a library available to teachers and students to support the process of implementation.

The event is being held at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of San Marcos. For more information, download the poster here and visit the Facebook page.