Caesar patient simulator

Producer: CAE Healthcare

Trauma Training for First Responders

Built for trauma, disaster response and combat casualty care, Caesar is the most rugged patient simulator available today. With life-sized realism and modeled physiology, Caesar offers clinical accuracy for basic to advanced point-of-injury training. Deploy Caesar to any challenging climage, terrain or training environment. Through tourniquet placements, patient decontamination, and extreme temperatures and conditions, Caesar remains tough-skinned and resilient.

Rugged for all terrains

Caesar is built for durability in order to train emergency field responders who may be subjected to harsh climates and terrains. With rugged skin that is water-resistant, Caesar can rise to the challenge of demanding, point-of-care training. For added realism, Caesar has articulation of his neck, back, shoulder, elbows, forearms and wrists as well as directional eye movement and speech patterns that reflect his level of consciousness.

Dramatic bleeding, moulage and modular limbs

 With the capacity to hold up to 1.4 liters of blood on board, Caesar can present dramatic bleeding from up to six sites and produce automatic physiological responses to tourniquet application. Caesar is built with modular limbs. His optional wounds kit includes right hand glove with gunshot wound, abdominal multiple gunshot wound, wrist injury and trauma face.

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