Laparascopy-Trainer (Typ LS70)

Producer: Samed GmbH

The laparoscopic trainer is suitable for basic training of urologists, gynecologists and surgeons (thorax, abdomen). The torso is in this case in the usual operating position. Of the dry run up to any laparoscopic procedures on real tissue, the skills can be learned. The Laparoscopy-Trainer differs from known systems in that it recreates the actual surgical situation, but also several people, realistically positioned, can train together. So the hand in hand work of two surgeons can be trained optimally from the beginning. Techniques are also actionable with multiple incision.The training device is suitable for robotic systems and conventional control task additions.

Workplace Laparoscopy LST-L

By the integrated slide-in compartment, a simple exchange of training systems is possible and can be adjusted according to the progress. For the first stepsand therefore the learning of coordination, guidance and control instrument exchangeable training models are used where sewing, threading, guiding, etc. can be practiced. Building on after a workout at the organic tissue is possible. This can be hygienically used in a dish in Laparoscopic Trainer.

The built-in Laparoscopic Trainer lighting system ensures sufficient illumination of the training area. If a camera system needs, provides a complete system consisting of equipment rack, monitor, CVU (Control and Video Unit) and camera, the optimal solution for the training success. The camera is simply inserted into the body of the coach and, like in a real surgery camera system, can be rotated and swiveled.

Is the use of a private camera system provided, can be employed as the best base support of the company Samed GmbH work table for use here.

Laparascopy-Trainer (Typ LS70) Laparascopy-Trainer (Typ LS70)