Cow Model (ZoS 1)

Producer: Marcus Sommer Somso Modelle

Approximately 1/3 natural size model, in ‘SOMSO-Plast’. Median section, divisible in two halves. The left side shows the hide, the right side shows the surface muscular system. The right foreleg with shoulder-blade and the biceps of the thigh are removable. The udder shows suspension, network of blood and lymphatic vessels. The organs are detachable as follows: lungs, heart (2), small and large intestine, ruminant stomach, uterus and half of the udder. Altogether 11 parts. Mounted on a removable base with rollers. Showing the paunch puncture. H54 cm,  W85 cm,

D25 cm, Wt 16.8 kg.


Medium: Model
Price: On request, from regional distributors