Hydra Model

Producer: Marcus Sommer Somso Modelle

Model of hydra, the fresh water polyp, enlarged approximately 30x, in ‘SOMSO-Plast’. The anatomy of hydra is shown in longitudinal section, with the entoderm, mesoglea, ectoderm, male and female egg-cells, buds and mouth opening. On a supplementary model enlarged approximately 200x, the microscopic structure of the wall of the body near the stomach and intestine is shown, including various types of cell (nematoblasts, musculo-epithelial cells, sense cells, interstitial cells and the nerve network). In one piece, on a base, and with explanatory notes. H46 cm, W39 cm, D33 cm, Wt 2.1 kg.


Medium: Model
Price: On request, from regional distributors