Bronchoscopy Model - Fluorescing Tracheobronchial Tree with Regions of Reduced Fluorescence

Producer: Marcus Sommer Somso Modelle

A recent innovation for use with the ‘Broncho Boy’ Bronchoscopy Model is the auto-fluorescing endoscopic systems in conjunction with the Light Imaging Fluorescence Endoscope (LIFE Xillix/ Olympus), or SAFE (1000 Pentax). The bronchial mucosa appears normal with conventional (white light) bronchoscopy, but on being illuminated in the fluorescent mode, emits a green image identical to that of normal mucosa. The trachea and left-sided bronchial branches appear normal in the fluorescence mode, but distinct areas of reduced fluorescence can be observed on the right-sided bronchial tree (upper lobe spur, middle lobe spur, right main bronchus and right bronchus 9/10 spur). Endoscopists using the LIFE-System or SAFE 1000 for the first time can practice switching from white light to fluorescent mode, and in the latter mode learn (light intensity) adjustment in addition to recognising areas of reduced fluorescence. The Fluorescent Tracheobronchial Tree can be added to each CLA ‘Broncho Boy’ with the catalogue numbers CLA 9 to CLA 9/7 or can be supplied additionally as the interchangeable lower part of the tracheobronchial tree. H17 cm, W15 cm, D4 cm, Wt 0.2 kg.


Medium: Simulator
Price: On request, from regional distributors