Bronchoscopy Model ‘Sick Boy’

Producer: Marcus Sommer Somso Modelle

As the name implies, this model offers the trainee bronchoscopist the opportunity of visualising typical endoscopic pathology, as well as doing forceps biopsies of a right upper lobe lesion. It includes an adenoma, a tumour, and a mucous plug, which also presents the differential diagnosis of a perforated lymph node. As a training aid, it is meant to be used in conjunction with the ‘Broncho Boy’ model. A simple, but effective, locking device at the lower end of the trachea in all new ‘Broncho Boy’ models allows quick interchange of the normal tracheobronchial tree with the ‘Sick’ system. Comprises the following components: ‘Broncho Boy’ model (nasopharynx with interchangeable healthy and sick tracheobronchial tree integrated into head and thorax), aluminium transport and storage suitcase, adjustable mounting base, lubricant spray, instructions for use. H25 cm, W71 cm, D42 cm, Wt 15 kg.


Medium: Simulator
Price: On request, from regional distributors