Nursing Doll

Producer: Marcus Sommer Somso Modelle

A standard nursing doll (catalogue ref. CLA 1) in natural size for nursing care which comprises the following parts: removable head, removable eyes, dentures and tracheostomy, thorax with chest wall and moving arms with infusion and injection pads, lower body with abdominal wall and artificial anus, injection pads in the buttocks, movable mounted legs with injection pads in the thigh, lung alveolus, stomach, intestines, detachable female and male genitalia with rectum and bladder. The joints are robust and they are able to reproduce practically all natural movements. Openings for inserting a PEG catheter and for suprapubic bladder puncture are provided. L178 cm, Wt 23 kg. Model CLA 2 has additional male genitalia with urinary bladder of 2 litres capacity and lungs with closure, for cleaning. Model CLA 3 has external female genitalia only and moving arms without infusion pads. Training applications include: handling of injured limbs, bandaging, stoma care, suprapubic puncture of the bladder, PEG catheter care, tracheostomy care, care of the eye and introduction of medications, care of the outer ear and introduction of medications, administration of enemas, urinary catheterisation (male and female), physical treatment (respiration, inhalation, oxygen treatment, resucitation), injections, infusions/transfusions and intravenous access, and rinsing (stomach lavage, and bladder, colon, colostomy and enterostomy irrigation).


Medium: Simulator Price: On request, from regional distributors