Fly Cycle: The Lives of a Fly, Drosophila melanogaster

Producer: Sinauer Associates, Inc.

This 40-minute colour film depicts many of the intricacies of Drosophila’s biology and life cycle, including detailed sequences on adult courting and mating, embryonic development, larval growth, imaginal disks and salivary glands, metamorphosis, and a gallery of mutants used in research. It can be used at the high school and introductory undergraduate levels to acquaint students with the life cycle and mutants. For more advanced undergraduates in developmental biology and genetics courses, and for graduate students beginning their research on Drosophila, the film introduces the many specifics they will need to know, and techniques for examining the organism in detail. Fly Cycle is accompanied by a booklet that presents information on each segment of the film, a ‘getting started’ section for those who want to raise fruit flies, a list of suppliers, an annotated selected bibliography, and a glossary. See also FlyCycle CD under Software.


Year of production: 1996
Format: VHS NTSC
Price: US$100.00